Friday, October 11, 2013

Shigatse—Syaka Monastery—Tingri

We spent the night in Shigatse on the 9th and the morning of the 10th we explored the town while our guide and driver went to get our Everett Base Camp permits. Exploring Shigatse consisted of looking for a post office and ATM. We decided to skip the Tashilumo Monastery and opted to observe the locals nearby.

The guys had some groupies following them

Of course we couldn't pass up posing with some statues

E.T. phone home

Warrick pulling the statue's finger

Thumb wrestling

Locals praying

Local's prayer wheel and hat


Locals entering the monastery

Locals like posing with the statues too

He's on a cell phone!

We then set off for Syaka Monastery. We stopped at a few places along the way (so we would arrive at the check points at the right time).

These kids were just hanging out with us while we killed time

Pretty trees

5,000 kilometers to Shanghai from this location

Paul was excited to do his usual Asian pose

Side of the road

Goats and trash


I don't think this was supposed to be here

Mangy goat

At the next check point, we agreed to give "grandma" a ride to town. This meant 4 people were squeezed in the back seat while grandma sat in the fold down seat in the trunk area where all our bags were (this is where our guide, Tashi, usually sat).

Grandma had a goat leg in her bag! 

This old door led to the main courtyard/entrance of Syaka Monastery

Courtyard and main entrance

Building right next to the main entrance

We made it right before the monks locked up

 We then headed towards Tingri - one night in this town before heading to Everett Base Camp.

Our first sighting of Mt. Everest

This yak skull has a weird hairpiece on it

Road side sales

I snuck a picture at one of the check points - China flags everywhere!


Tingri fortress on a hill (I think)


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