Saturday, October 12, 2013

Random Shots - China


Don't bring your trumpets!

No smoking while laying down?

Make sure you carefully slide!

Thanks for the warning, hotel shower!

This is a movie poster about a tender love story between two koalas

Kenny G is just now getting popular in China

This is the way to get customers

Who wants nails like Lisa?

We were riding the bus to the tarmac - I guess swinging and climbing on the handle bars is a big problem here

I don't know what kind of mythical creature this is but I want one

Mobilephone electrizing?


Rat Tails Alfredo, Alf's favorite dish!

This was the only way to highlight the rainbow-ness of his shirt

These cat shirts are popular in Asia

Crocheted shorts?

So many things great about this guy - hair, shirt, sweater, and sleeveless jean
jacket? Who does he think he is, Van Damme? Or maybe he is the lead singer of
the Asian Ah-Ha cover band - Take On Lee (that was Paul's idea)

In Tibet: We were wearing fleeces and freezing our butts off - not sure what this outfit is about 

That guy's outfit is a one piece...a ONE piece


Just one example of no personal space...our cart is the one with Megaman on it


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