Saturday, October 12, 2013

Random Shots - China


Don't bring your trumpets!

No smoking while laying down?

Make sure you carefully slide!

Thanks for the warning, hotel shower!

This is a movie poster about a tender love story between two koalas

Kenny G is just now getting popular in China

This is the way to get customers

Who wants nails like Lisa?

We were riding the bus to the tarmac - I guess swinging and climbing on the handle bars is a big problem here

I don't know what kind of mythical creature this is but I want one

Mobilephone electrizing?


Rat Tails Alfredo, Alf's favorite dish!

This was the only way to highlight the rainbow-ness of his shirt

These cat shirts are popular in Asia

Crocheted shorts?

So many things great about this guy - hair, shirt, sweater, and sleeveless jean
jacket? Who does he think he is, Van Damme? Or maybe he is the lead singer of
the Asian Ah-Ha cover band - Take On Lee (that was Paul's idea)

In Tibet: We were wearing fleeces and freezing our butts off - not sure what this outfit is about 

That guy's outfit is a one piece...a ONE piece


Just one example of no personal space...our cart is the one with Megaman on it


  1. In my awesome opinion, the only correct way to eat food is putting it in your damn mouth and chew. Preferably chewing with a closed mouth, but who am I to judge? I had a similar situation with udon, and I relished every moment destroying the protocol of proper mastication. I believe their collective ancestors wept in the afterlife for such an affront.

    -Anonymous or perhaps Megaman? Hmnnn..

    1. Hi Anonymous (aka Manny!) - good to hear from you. I was hoping you'd read it since you're one of the few who would get my Megaman reference. : )


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