Wednesday, September 25, 2013


On August 19, we arrive in Shanghai and met up with my aunts, uncle and cousin (on my dad's side) for dinner. This was the first time for me meeting my eldest aunt - who is 84 years old - and my cousin, Cong.

From left to right, my eldest aunt (Da Goo) and my youngest aunt (Xiao Goo) with her husband

With my cousin, Cong, at far right

The next day, since it was so nice, we decided to venture out and see some things. After 7 months of traveling, can you tell that it's hard to get motivated sometimes? I know, I know, poor us, right? Of course we appreciate having the opportunity to seeing so much of the world but man, is it exhausting.

The view from our hotel room...we figured we couldn't stay cooped up with it being so nice out

We took the subway to go see the Yu Yuan Garden - walking through the Old City

Inside the Yu Yuan Garden - built during the Ming Dynasty in the late 1500's

It was pretty

Got some nice scenic shots

Cool dragons

At the garden

Paul is channeling his Asian-ness + awkward teenage Paul

I don't know what he's looking at but he loves it when I take these shots

I think he is trying to make the same face as the dragon in the next pic


Nice reflections shot of the bridge

This is what the plaque said for this: "Yu Ling Long: The Jade Stone peak is the granite relic
of Emperor HuiZong, Song Dynasty. It's peculiarity is its slim appearance,  transparence,
wrinkle and leakage of water from the top to the bottom. It has a history
of over thousands years old."

Dianchun Hall and modern building right behind it...juxtaposition!

A different door pic to add to my collection...we knocked but Bilbo didn't answer

Paul is tired of me taking photos

Walking out of the Old City

A bamboo forest in the middle of the city?

It looks better in pictures

Walking along the Bund

Hangpu River 

The Bund

We thought we were done with all the matching outfits...apparently not

They really went all out - matching down to the shoes and walking style!

Wait, are we in China? Oh, yeah, we are - good thing there are China flags everywhere to remind us. 

Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower

The Customs House (No. 13)

I liked the architecture - this is The Russell & Co. Building (No. 6) which housed a couple banks but is now home to Dolce & Gabbana's flagship store

Panoramic view of the Bund

Street life

Really? How many flags does it take to remind you that you're in China? 

Mao standing every so proudly over everyone

I really couldn't get enough of the China flags everywhere

Storm's a comin'

Jing'an Temple all lit up - right across the street from our hotel and no, we did not go in

It's been awhile since Paul has interacted with any statues at this point so we couldn't pass up the opportunity...

So nosy

Waiting for the bus, trying to steal this guy's bag

I think the baby kicked

Paul: "If you're not going to wear your pants correctly, you're not going to wear them at all"

And...yeah, had to get a punch in - he deserved it.

We ventured out for some tapas on our last night in Shanghai and on our way back to the hotel, we hit a couple bars.

We miss NY and Westside Tavern so we tried this bar...not quite our scene...
there's no place like Westside!

Paul really wanted to try this bar but I'm allergic to cats so we skipped it

Look at all the traffic - and my bad haircut! At least I only paid $7 for it.


  1. You got Shanghai on a clear day! You actually see the sky! When we were there, we never saw the sky!

    1. We usually are unlucky with the weather but maybe our luck is changing!


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