Sunday, May 12, 2013


On May 2 we flew to Yangon...well, we flew to Mandalay then to Heho first so it took about 3.5 hours for a flight that took about 1.5 hours. Just in case anyone reading this wants to go to Yangon, it might be better to start in Yangon. Yangon was very different from Mandalay, Inle, and Bagan since it was more of a city so a lot of traffic, buses, street vendors, etc.

Excited to be on another plane

People would jump onto moving buses

Lots of street food to be had

Walking by the Monument of Independence 

We went to The Strand for a drink and saw The Rangoon Times

These were the types of articles inside

The Strand bar

After one drink, we headed back to our was dark already and unsafe to walk!

Walking by the Sule Paya

The next day on May 3 before catching an evening flight to Hanoi, Vietnam, we stopped by the Shwe Dagon Paya.

It was pretty busy there

We got someone to take a picture of us

I wanted a photo more like this - where you can see us and the stupa

Paul is mesmerized by all the stupas

Back at our hotel waiting to go to the airport

We finally got a taxi to the airport...

What is that purple blur you ask? Oh, it's just people walking on the highway!

Oh, and another guy crossing the highway

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