Sunday, May 26, 2013

Da Nang and Nha Trang

On May 16 we got a car to Da Nang, just 30km away from Hoi An. We only wanted to stay one night but we weren't able to get a flight to Nha Trang until May 18.

Da Nang is located between the South China Sea and the Han River - a small city with lots of bridges.

This is the largest dragon bridge in the world! Wait, how many dragon bridges are there anyway?

It was a little windy and really hot/sticky - that's why my hair is like this

There's nothing like getting a hug from a hot pizza

We tried to cross the street during rush here to see our first attempt. And click here to see how we finally get across the street!

Walking across the Dragon Bridge

The clouds were pretty cool looking this evening

Boats in the Han River

The clouds in this direction looks like smoke from the dragon

A view of the bridge from the opposite side of the Han River

Watching the sun set from the 8th floor - @ Skybar at D&C Hotel

I got the waitress to take a photo for us

Pretty colors

Crescent moon showing up at dusk

The Dragon Bridge all lit up

The next day we didn't really do much...

We stayed in our room and had granola bars for lunch

But ventured out for dinner past Paul's Restaurant!

The next day we headed to Nha Trang...bye Da Nang, can you see the bridges?

Nha Trang is a beach town - we heard it was the prettiest beaches of Vietnam. And yes, they were actually very pretty! There wasn't any garbage floating around in the water so that is a big plus. It was extremely hot and humid though and we just weren't feeling like laying out. Instead, I went to the spa.

Here we are, driving from the airport to the hotel

Our hotel was about a 5 minute walk to the beach

Really pretty

We ate at at place that had a swimming pool

That's the South China Sea right there


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