Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bagan - Part 1

On April 29 we headed to Bagan. More boats, cars and planes to get there and wow, it was really hot there! Here are a few more lake pictures on our way out...

Fisherman doing his thing

Another fisherman with a helper

We arrived in Bagan the evening of April 29 and had dinner while watching the nightly puppet show before going to bed.

Lots of different characters 

On April 30, we headed out early for a full (and hot - it got to 109F) day of temple visits (built between 850-1300 AD). First stop was Tayok Pye Paya where we climbed to the top for the view.

More steep steps to climb

For a fantastic view

Here's a panoramic view

We're both wearing longyis!

We also bought some paintings while up there

Stupas as far as the eye could see!

Our second stop was to Gupyauk Gyi where we weren't allowed to take photos inside.

One of many temples of the day 

Shwe Zigon Pagoda

Htilo Minlo Temple AD 13th Century
Going in

Stopped by the side of the road for more pictures of stupas

Ananda Phaya - locals call this one the most beautiful temple in Bagan

West facing buddha features the abhaya mudra (hands out-stretched, in gesture of no fear)

North facing buddha - one of the original Bagan-style images

East (and west) facing buddha replaced what was destroyed in a fire in the 1600's

South facing (like north facing) buddha is the original 

All of the buddhas are made of solid teak and stand about 31 feet high each.

Leaving Ananda Phaya
Sulamani Guphaya

Inside Sulamani, there is better lighting than in other temples to see the paintings

Reclining buddha on the wall with two other buddhas in the shot

Paul is excited to be barefoot in another dirty temple

The carvings on Sulamani were very detailed

We think aliens made these carvings

Here's an ogre
C'mon, all these triangles - it's like AVP

I thought this one was pretty

Our 9th stop of the day...Dhammayan Gyi Temple

We walked along the outside to avoid the temple peddlers

We eventually made it inside to see the only temple with two side by side buddhas but not without being followed...

We went to lunch after this temple and

Gubyauk Gyi, Myinkaba (Great Painted Cave Temple)

Around the temple are artists selling their work - this guy drew a lion (dragon) in 1 min!

The next stop was a lacquerware factory.

Lacquerware in Myinkaba - top left to right are the different stages in creating one piece - about 6 months!

This guy is making thin bamboo strips used to create a bowl/plate/cup

These guys are adding the first layer of lacquer
These guys are covering the items in another lacquer mixed with bone to make it hard

These ladies are etching meticulous patterns

Each color needs to be added separately, dried, then washed off

We also went to Manuha Phaya where we saw another large reclining buddha.

Can you tell we're sweating? Reclining buddha is behind us...

Shhhh - buddha is sleeping

On the grounds of Manuha Paya is like the set of a John Woo film

Thatbyinnya Phaya - Bagan's highest temple

Inside Thatbyinnya Phaya - I liked seeing the symmetry here in this corner

I really liked the lighting in this one

Basically right next door was Shwegugyi where we got a good view of the sunset
We had to walk up the Exorcist stairs to get to the top
Paul is cupping the sun

Another self portrait

Stupa sunset

There goes the sun

Ayeyarwady River

Our last stop of the day was Bupaya

Don't worry, we were treated to the same puppet show again during dinner.

Click on the link below to watch the horse puppet


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