Friday, May 10, 2013

Random Shots of the Week (4/21-4/27)

Capt'n is the eye of the dragon

From afar, Paul thought this was a unicorn

Ronald begged for it - really he did.

Yes, she's wearing lace gloves

In Bangkok, we had to be careful walking on the sidewalks because of the scooters!

Paul likes big butts and he cannot lie

Nice angry bird/hello kitty/stitch/blue cat thing house

Buddha's  feet

Promoting Iron Man 3 

Interested in going to Cat Hair Design salon right by the subway exit?


One of many scary scenes of infants/toddlers on motorbikes (in Mandalay)

This kid was falling asleep on the motorbike in Mandalay

One of my favorite shots on Lake Taungthaman that I forgot to include!

Just the typical scene of a farmer leading his donkeys through town in Inle (aka Innlay, Inlay)


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