Monday, December 17, 2012

Random Shots of the Week (12/8-12/14)

Here are some additional photos from last week during along our many drives and during our time in Austin, Denver, and Mancos.

At Bull Creek Park in Austin
At the Capitol in Austin
Paul and Owen learning some history
Slinky shot at Echo Lake in Colorado
Another shot of Echo Lake in Colorado
Mount Vernon Park in Colorado
Driving on 550 towards Mancos, Colorado - lots of curves!
At Sundance Bear Lodge in Mancos, Colorado
Slinky shot of the "elephant feet" on Route 160 towards the Grand Canyon


  1. It's so hard to capture the insanity of hwy 550, but that sign definitely helps! I like the temperature shift of this past week!

    1. Yes - the best way to describe hwy 550 is INSANE. I was scared of falling off the edge. The temperature changes have been interesting and thankfully manageable.


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