Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Howdy and Farewell, Texas!

After our car trouble was taken care of, we spent a full two days in Austin with great friends and food. Queso, tacos, and lots of meat! Many thanks to Jackie, Jason, Owen and Wesley for hosting us.

Hook 'em!
Owen enjoying the spraying water that Jason is trying to fix

Queso and taco time @ Torchy's Tacos - YUM!
Jackie and Wesley
"Smells like blue dots." which means blue M&Ms. I knew I fell for Paul for a reason!
Uncle Paul and Wesley 
Jason swinging Owen over Bull Creek.
Walking along Inga Trail at Bull Creek Park

Enjoying some good beer @ Bangers
Me and Jackie @ Bangers
Poor piggy @ Bangers. 
BBQ truck!
A filling lunch...sides and...


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    1. It was really warm - in the 80's while we were there!


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