Thursday, December 13, 2012

Denver Visit...Next Stop, Grand Canyon

Thanks Steve for taking us around today! We got a mini tour of Arapaho National Forest (including Lake Echo), Idaho Springs (where the gold rush began), Georgetown, Red Rocks, and Mount Vernon Canyon. More driving tomorrow as we make our way to the Grand Canyon. I'm excited about the drive  along highway 550 and a pit stop at Mesa Verde (Thanks Sascha for the suggestion!). With the meteor shower scheduled for tomorrow, we're hoping for a great view. We'll be spending the night in Bluff, UT and arrive at the Grand Canyon on Friday.

Steve and Paul
Trying to stay warm 
Arapaho National Forest
Lake Echo
Georgetown, CO
Red Rocks 
Steve and Paul at Red Rocks 
Walking along Red Rocks Trail
Beautiful day for a hike
Leaving Mount Vernon Canyon


  1. These are gorgeous pictures! What a great first two weeks you guys have had. Can't wait to see the Canyon pictures! -- Anne

  2. So pretty! I love the shot of Lake Echo


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