Thursday, December 20, 2012

Going back to Cali, Cali

After driving over 5,000 miles...we finally made it to the Bay Area! We actually arrived in the LA area (Santa Monica to be exact) on Monday evening and stayed with our friends Brian and Mikaela (and their adorable daughter, Sibylla). They even treated us to a delicious Lebanese dinner at Sunnin.

Our Family Feud pose 
Sibylla is such a doll!

And yesterday, we drove the final leg of our trip to the Bay Area after a quick tour around Santa Monica/Venice and breakfast at Urth Cafe (thanks Brian).

Venice Canal
My nephew was anxiously awaiting our arrival while asking my sister (pretty much all day), "where's auntie?"..."how come she's taking so long?"..."will auntie be here soon?"...and my favorite, "I just want my auntie."

Branden demanding to know where I am
Paul and I are glad to finally be in one place for more than a few nights. Now we just have to make sure we handle all our business before we leave for our journey around the world. Thanks for following us as we trekked across the States! 


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