Sunday, January 19, 2014


On January 6 we flew to Ushuaia. When we were planning our travels, the stop in Ushuaia was mainly to try and get on a boat to visit Antarctica. But as we planned the last couple months of our year long journey and looked at the costs, it seemed like we would have to save Antarctica for another time. Part of me is disappointed that we didn't go but I think this gives us incentive to save up and figure out how we can make it back to Ushuaia before the end of 2023.

It's a little bit colder than what we've been used to...

So pretty here!

Ushuaia is actually not the southern most city in the world despite thinking this for most of the can be argued as the southern most city but Puerto Williams, Chile is geographically more south. But population-wise isn't really considered a city. So...I'm not sure which way to go. Either way, we enjoyed our stay there and Ushuaia had plenty of activities to keep us entertained. We took advantage of our 5 nights here and booked ourselves activities for 4 of our 5 days. Since the sun didn't set until about 11pm every night, we got to take a sunset boat ride to Isla Bridges that left at 7:30pm. We rarely actually book activities the day we arrive but it was a nice day and we weren't sure how the weather would turn out tomorrow. After getting settled in our hotel room, we booked our tour with Patagonia Adventure Explorer (one of many along the wharf) and headed onto the boat with some friendly Italian and Argentinian tourists.

The view from our room

Walking around town to get our bearings

Beautiful mountains surrounding the city

I really liked it here

Beagle Channel

Paul has great timing

Argentinian flag

Antarctica is that way

Ushuaia surrounded by mountains

Ushuaia - end of the world

Another shot of the Beagle Channel

Estados Unidos is only 10,548 kilometers away!

Paul is not friends with Gordon's Fisherman

Waiting to board the boat

Boarding the boat

On our way to the first stop - Alice Island

I just don't think these pictures capture how beautiful it is here

We're a little cold

Olivia Mountain straight ahead

Don't judge me and my clashing colors

Mountains over there

Slinky shot

Blue skies

Airplane coming in for landing

Short landing strip

We then passed by Alice Island to see a colony of sea lions along with some Blue-eyed Cormorants (also known as the Imperial Shag).

They kind of look like penguins from a distance

But they aren't. Look at how blue their eyes are!

Just hanging out

Sea lions taking a nap

If you are wondering if they smell, the answer is yes.

Look how HUGE that one sea lion's head is!

More cormorants

I love the backdrop of the mountains

Love that smile

Sea lions and cormorants

The flag on the boat was later raffled away - but we didn't win

I'll admit, I got a little seasick

That ship looks so tiny next to those mountains

Passing by Birds' Island

The Blue-eyed cormorants live here


So many of them!

We then passed by Les Eclaireurs lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1919 and still works

Just doesn't look real!

The lighthouse is remote controlled and automated

I like this shot

These are rock cormorants aka rock shags

Our last stop before going back was a short walk on Isla Bridges.

The view is beautiful

Cushion plant, usually found on high mountains, grows all over Isla Bridges

Yamana were the original inhabitants of Isla Bridges

The Yamana were a nomadic tribe

They moved between island via canoe

They kind of looks like this

It's nice when we can get a normal picture taken of us

Next to cushion plant and Chile behind us

Can you see the bird? 

Paul is posing but it's hard to see


Walking back to the boat

Hiding from me, as usual

The colors are so pretty

I like these shots

Boarding the boat, yes, I'm the last one back!

The water is so clear

Heading back to town, the city starts to light up. Can you believe it's almost 10:30pm at this point? Here are are few of my favorite shots of the city from the boat.


  1. Again, amazing photos!

    Also, on a side note Christine, your colors were not clashing in that one photo. You were colorblocking. It's so on trend right now.

    1. Thanks Marra! And, thanks for educating me on the latest fashion trends! I've been a little out of touch wearing travel clothes for the last year. : )


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