Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random Shots of the Week (7/21-7/26) - Japan

I don't know, 13 countries later and this is still funny to me

This is the funniest toilet sign I've seen so far

Meat flavored chips - yum!

Where is Dr. Evil?

Paul is riding this wild panda

Yes, spaghetti subs at 7Eleven...just settle down Kev!

Minors' smoking is prohibition

I'm not sure if this little girl has a milk mustache while holding a beer or if she just has a beerstache

Paul is posing with this robot poster

This elephant was looking at Paul funny

These are the things not allowed in the park

Is it an evil petting zoo?

Yum - green tea flavored Kit Kat!

I really liked it and was sad that I didn't buy more

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  1. I guess you never did a reverse 2 1/2 twist into the bowl. What's so funny? Billy & Esther


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