Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random Shots of the Week (7/14-7/20) - Japan

Our hotel room in Okinawa was tiny...stairs lead to the bed and bathroom is under the bed!

I ended up sleeping under the low hanging ceiling

That's the view looking down - so much space!

Pig baby and masks for y our dog? I don't know...

This outfit caught Paul's eye

Angry moles deserve to live!!

I don't know where you would scribble

This sign of a large military looking guy holding the hand of a child made me laugh

Be careful of the bee

These trash cans look like robots to me

It's a little hard to read but the sign says: "For adult smokers only" which means the child smokers have to smoke in another room

Starbucks in Japan has a "short" size which is smaller than a tall - bring it to the States!

There's a smoking and non-smoking section at McDonald's

See, it is clearly separated so the non-smoking section doesn't smell any smoke...

You also cannot smoke between 12pm-1pm on weekdays or 11am-1pm on weekends

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