Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Shots - Korea

An interesting phenomenon we noticed in Busan...couples loved matching! 
These bugs should get a room

In the women's bathroom...

In case you weren't paying attention, there are steps ahead!

These prize machines were everywhere - this one was by the beach, naturally

STOP - hammer time! Truly an example of high fashion. 

I don't know

Another phenomenon we noticed was that everyone wore outdoor gear all the time

Maybe because there are outdoor gear stores everywhere - this one is North Land

Right next to The Red Face... I wonder where Red Land is? 

Unfortunately we did not find the Chicken Zone at the World Cup Stadium

But I did find another one of these signs in the women's bathroom - I particularly like the pink bow on her head

Yeah, this was an advertisement in the subway

Although this chick got in the way, I like this photo because of the look on Paul's face

Gutter face

You are not alone. Cat is here with you. 

"Who are you texting? Why won't you pay attention to me?"

Yes, even MORE matching couples...keep in mind for every picture I took, there were at least 3 other couples I wasn't able to capture.

Matching jeans count

Matching Dodgers shirts and matching shorts...


Of course we saw one more matching couple at the airport as we were leaving Korea

In addition to no knives, no kimchi, blenders, red pepper/soy bean paste, shampoo or cosmetics in your carry on bag!

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