Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coming Home

It's been awhile since the last post and that's because it's been a busy time. Paul and I have finally made some decisions. We relocated back to New York City in May and decided to look for jobs on the East Coast. We enjoyed our last months being tourists in the city we love - going to broadway shows, talk shows, and eating our way through different neighborhoods.

Late Night with Seth Meyers!

Times Square tourist selfie

My sister, Lil made an impromptu visit!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

A delicious dinner in Brooklyn at St. Anselm with great company

We were treated to a beautiful summer

I even caught some Manhattanhenge photos

Got tickets to The Tonight Show!

Who else would we want to watch Barbara Walters and Honey Boo Boo with?

Great play!

We got to watch Rocky before it closed

Enjoyed great views of the Hudson

So lucky to have watched NPH in Hedwig and the Angry Inch - thanks Sasch & Colm!

Celebrated a happy birthday with my favorite person

Our life of leisure has come to an end, or do I dare to say, a pause...I start a new job at Zoetis on Tuesday, September 2nd and Paul will be going back to school on Wednesday, September 3rd to pursue a career in teaching. Lots of changes but we are both very excited to be starting a new chapter in our journey.

Thank you all for following our travels. I hope to add more adventures throughout the years but for now, we will return to a routine (which is very much welcomed) and in two short months will be moving to New Jersey.


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