Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lake Kivu and Gisenyi

We arrived at our hotel, Paradise Malahide, located in the town of Gisenyi and situated right on Lake Kivu the afternoon of October 25.

Entrance to Paradis Malahide

View of Lake Kivu from the hotel

Lake Kivu borders the DRC and Rwanda

We took a boat tour of the lake on Oct 26

Private island owned by Paradis that you can have a picnic at

Visiting a local hot spring - the water was close to boiling!

One of the kids was oddly wearing a jacket!

This is part of the small island on the lake that we visited - you can see the different layers of volcanic rock

You can have picnics on this small island

The kids at the local hot spring enjoyed seeing themselves on the iPhone

They were very entertained by the phone

I'm not sure what the other boy is doing - it almost looks like he's going to twist his head off!

They were all really friendly


Back on the boat getting our tour

More locals

View of Lake Kivu from outside our room

We were treated to a traditional dance during dinner

We basically did some relaxing, lounging and eating during our 3 night stay here; Paul didn't want to leave our room most of the time because he was wearing some piece of my clothing. So yeah, he was hiding out. More about that in his country review...


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