Friday, February 21, 2014

Andean Explorer - Puno to Cusco

There were a couple options to get from Puno to Cusco. Most people will take a bus and we almost did but we just couldn't pass up the option of taking a luxury train. The bus ride would have probably been shorter but wouldn't have been as comfortable. Although 10+ hours on a train gets uncomfortable as well.

I wasn't sure what to expect for this train ride

But figured it would be pretty comfortable considering the other clientele

Some live Peruvian music to get us in the mood



Last car to check out the scenery

Paul stopped to smell the roses

And have a quick photo shoot with me

Bar car

Some of the scenery out the window

It was a cool experience

Very scenic most of the way

I went back to the last car to take these photos

Here are some more photos from the train - it was an enjoyable (but long) ride.

Passing through one of the towns - we were literally inches away from little shops

I guess this is the area where everyone throws their trash

They also had live entertainment

They provided free pisco sours as well - I mean one free pisco sour per person.

They performed traditional music and dance

Cap'n especially enjoyed it

They also sang, "Guantanamera"


This guy was clearly impressed by his pan flute playing skills

Second outfit/dance. Kind of reminded us of Tenderheart Bear.

She basically did the same moves

Third and final outfit, same moves except...

She got some passengers to dance with her during this performance

Paul didn't make eye contact so she went for the Japanese guys in the back


Paul is disappointed

And decided to reflect about his missed opportunity

We stopped about midway to check out a church and market

This is the scenery around the stop

This is the church

Another view of the train

Paul isn't interested in shopping

Andean Explorer

We're about an hour or so away from Cusco...Paul is tired.

Some more scenic shots

We were going about 20 miles per hour the whole way

Looking back at these pictures, I realize how crazy Cap'n looks!

Pretty scenery

One track

Cows and calves / pigs and (adorable) piglets

And almost 11 hours later...we arrive in Cusco!


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